Favorite books on Economics: (phd level and/or somewhat technical)

A Course in Microeconomic Theory by David M. Kreps.  It’s a beautiful book that goes through graduate micro theory.

Another very interesting book, but very technical, with some real gems: Bargaining and Markets by Ariel Rubinstein and Martin J. Osborne.  It’s available free here.

A classic book in the Theory of Games: A Course in Game Theory also by Ariel Rubinstein and Martin J. Osborne. It’s available free here.

When I think of Collective Intelligence, it’s hard not to have in mind the enormous strides made in Information Economics … Sandy Grossman’s The Informational Role of Prices is a collection of his papers. and when I read about echo-chambers I think of Grossman-Stiglitz classic paper:  On the Impossibility of Informationally Efficient Markets.

For those working on financial markets and information and who come from a Computer Science background … this book would definitely be worth your while:  Markus Brunnermeier’s Asset Pricing under Asymmetric Information. A seminal paper in this literature relates to the No-Trade Theorem: Milgrom and Stokey: Information, Trade and Common Knowledge.


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