Big Data Course – Twitter

A wonderful course offered at Berkeley, December 2012 by Marti Hearst taught by Twitter software engineers, the link: here.

  • Course Intro: Big Data Analytics with Twitter, video, with Gilad Mishne.
  • Twitter Philosophy and ¬†Software Architecture: Growing a Human-Scale Consumer Service video, with Othman Laraki and Raffi Krikorian
  • Introduction to Hadoop, video, with Bill Graham
  • Introduction to Apache Pig, video, with Jonathan Coveney
  • Coding to the Twitter API, slides, with Rion Snow
  • Detecting Twitter Trends: Trend and Event Detection in Social Streams, video, with Kostas Tsioutsiouliklis
  • Real-Time Twitter Search, video, with Brian Larson
  • Splunk’s Software Architecture and GUI for Analyzing Twitter Data, video, with Stephen Sorkin
  • Twitter’s Social Network, video, with Aneesh Sharma
  • Big Learning with Graphs, video, with Joseph Gonzalez
  • Twitter Recommendations, video, with Alpa Jain
  • Security at Twitter and Elsewhere, video, with Kurt Thomas
  • Information Diffusion on Twitter, video, with Stanislav Nikolov
  • Introduction to Scalding, video, with Oscar Boykin
  • Spark: Making Big Data Interactive and Real-Time, video, with Matei Zaharia


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