(Big) Data-Driven companies (videos)

Twitter Based:   a very interesting company: www.dataminr.com and a short video here.  What I like is that they don’t  simply use the twitter firehose indiscriminately, but they look at sources (which is what any journalist would make an effort to do) — or at least that’s my impression.

Data Driven NYC is a wonderful meetup in NYC run by Matt Turck of FirstMark Capital

Here is the link to their youtube channel: Link.  Matt’s May 11, 2014 post on the State of Big Data 2014 shows the landscape of data-driven companies, with many of the companies presenting at Data-Driven shown in a larger context. 


One of the recent talks by Sean Gourley was very compelling.  Relates to the advantage/role algorithms have in that space where they are faster than our speed of thought.

Some of the companies featured: SiSense, Quid, Judicata, AT&T Research, Ayasdi, Sailthru, StellaService, Panjiva, FiscalNote, Airbnb …

Quid, and the recent data-driven meetup. (that’s the Sean Gourley talk highlighted above).

Premise, and the talk at Data Driven NYC Meetup #21 An important company in the space of price and inflation measures (Offline prices rather than online prices, and so, unlike Billion Price Project)

StellaService, and the talk at Data Driven NYC Meetup #22

Panjiva, at the link to their talk at Data Driven NYC Meetup #22

Airbnb, and the link to a chat with Matt Turck at Data Driven Meetup  Internet and 2-sided matching. … very tough economic problem.


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