A / B Testing – Experimentation

On A/B testing + Contextual Multi-Armed Bandits / Experimentation:  John Langford, Learning to Interact:

A conference at MIT on Digital Experimentation: October 10-11, 2014:  www.codecon.net.  Program here.

Plenary Sessions and talks on:

  • A Brief History of Virtual Labs: From Small Worlds to Crisis Mapping
  • Crowdphysics: Studies of Permeability in Spatiotemporal Networks of People
  • The Impact of Deep Learning
  • On the Roots of Privacy Concerns
  • Experimentation and Ethical Practice
  • Efficient Exponential Digital Experimentation
  • Do Crowds have the Wisdom to Self-­‐‑Organize?
  • Measuring Ad Effectiveness
  • Volunteer Science
  • Using Short-­‐‑Term Experiments in a Long-­‐‑Term World
  • Field Experiments on Online Advertising
  • Lessons from Running Thousands of A/B Tests
  • Transforming Marketing Analytics in Consumer Focused Organizations
  • The Necessity for Causation is Overstated
  • Testing to Win: Experiments in Political Campaigns and Beyond
  • Correlation Rather than Causation? Incentive Issues in the Digital Advertising Industry

and sessions on

  • Advertising, Marketing and Demand
  • Experimental Design & Methods
  • Mobile Experiments
  • Collective Action
  • Social Influence Bias
  • Viral Incentive Systems
  • Experiments in Systems Design

Here are some of the speakers; http://codecon.net/sp…

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